Thank You SKL Supporters!

A big "thank you" to everyone who attended, volunteered at or made a donation to this year's dinner "Taste of Laos 2018"!

This is a special year as we celebrate building TWO schools in one year. Thanks to the generous support and passion of the Wasabi Group, Na Ye school is almost completed. And today, because of our fantastic donors, we start construction of the school in Ban Kangxe! Thank you everyone for making this great achievement possible for kids in Laos.

Photos of this wonderful evening are available here!

SKL on CBC Radio-Canada

Taste of Laos Fundraising Dinner - Interview with François Tremblay


Saturday June 9th, the Taste of Laos dinner is fundraising in support of the construction of a school in the southeast asian country. The Manitoba charity School for Kids in Laos is organizing this annual evening event.

(The interview is available in french only.)

 François Tremblay   Photo : Radio-Canada / Colombe Fortin

François Tremblay   Photo : Radio-Canada / Colombe Fortin

Wasabi Golf Tournament 2018

Save the date or better yet, sign up now! Building on the success of two previous
tournaments, the Wasabi Group will host their fun-filled 2018 golf tournament on
Wednesday, September 12 at Glendale Golf and Country Club. Golfers will be treated
to a great round of golf plus delicious food and the opportunity to win fabulous prizes.

The proceeds of the tournament will help build a school in the village of Na Ye in rural
Laos. For full details and registration, click here!

Taste of Laos - June 9 2018
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Taste of Laos Cultural Dinner

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Authentic Lao cuisine, fabulous silent auction and more!

Proceeds will help build schools in Ban Na Yè and Ban Kangxé, Laos.

Doors open at 6 pm - Precious Blood Community Centre, St. Boniface

2017 Wasabi Golf Tournament - An Outstanding Success

The 2017 Wasabi Golf Tournament was a huge success with over 120 golfers participating at the Glendale Golf course on September 12. The weather was marvellous, and the participants had a great time. 

Golfers snacked on crab dumplings at Hole #8, and delicious spring rolls at Hole #15, courtesy SKL! At the reception, tournament participants enjoyed a typical Lao dessert - banana leaf flavour sticky rice served with fresh mangoes, steamed coconut milk and ice cream. 

SKL was proud to be part of the impressive silent auction, providing a table for 8 at the Taste of Laos dinner next spring. 

Special thanks to the many participants who gave generously knowing that the proceeds of the tournament and every additional donation go to the construction of the Na Yè School. SKL is most grateful to The Wasabi Group members and volunteers for their extraordinary support!

New Project for 2018 - Kangxé Primary School

SKL is pleased to confirm our 8th school construction in Laos. The village of Kangxé in Savannakhet province is located in one of the most underserved regions in the country. The existing school is in serious disrepair and too small to accommodate all the children in the village. Working with our donors, SKL will build a new five-classroom school which means every child in the village can attend their local school. The Kangxé project includes building new sanitary washrooms, installing electricity, a deep well water pump, and furnishing the school.

Wasabi Group - Na Yè Primary School


In an unprecedented gesture of generosity, the Wasabi Group, friends and families have committed to building a school in rural Laos. Wasabi Group's inaugural golf tournament in 2016 was an outstanding success. It launched an amazing fundraising initiative which will result in the construction of a new school in Na Ye, a village in Phatang District, Laos. A three-hour drive north of Vientiane capital city, this village is growing quickly with an influx of ethnic Highland people. Their four-room dilapidated school houses 138 students in grades 1-5. They desperately need a new school.

Wasabi Group has pledged to build a new 5-classroom school for the children of Na Ye! The proceeds of the 2017 golf tournament will help to build this school which will cost approximately $55,000 CDN.


10th Anniversary Taste of Laos Dinner a Great Success!

A big thank you to everyone who attended, volunteered at or made a donation to "Taste of Laos 2017"!

The event was sold out and those in attendance celebrated the 10th anniversary of the founding of SKL. We honoured long-time donors, recognized those who have been "behind the scenes" since the beginning and enjoyed the accomplishments embodied in six schools in Laos. And of course, everyone savoured the incredible, authentic Lao dishes prepared by our expert chefs!

Visit the photo gallery to see photos of this wonderful evening!

Radio-Canada Interview

To finance projects in Laos, the SKL Inc. (School for Kids in Laos Inc.) organisation is holding its annual banquet on Saturday, 6 May, at the community hall of the precious-blood church. It's a financing activity. We'll serve lao dishes. And we have a sample. Seetha Phanlouvong, Treasurer of skl (school for children in Laos) François Tremblay, President and colleague.

 Radio Canada Video Interview - Click above

Radio Canada Video Interview - Click above

SKL's 10th Anniversary - Celebrating A Decade of Helping Disadvantaged Children in Rural Laos

In 2007, a small group of people looking to make a lasting difference formed a unique charity called "School for Kids in Laos". Most were expatriates wanting to create a brighter future for disadvantaged children in Laos...

Celebrating A Decade of Helping Disadvantaged Children in Rural Laos

The mission of this new charity was simple: to build schools in poor, rural areas of Laos. The group worked hard, gained status as a registered Canadian charity and never looked back. The charity was started by volunteers and to this day, is run by volunteers, donating their time and talent to ensure schools get built. Donors know that every dollar they give goes directly to building a school.

The first school was completed in 2008 and on December 15, 2016, SKL's sixth school was officially opened. SKL's success is based on the strong support of individuals, foundations and businesses around the world. Donations come from the USA and the UK, Australia, Beijing, Singapore, and across Canada.

SKL School Facts

  • schools are located in 4 different provinces and one capital municipality in Laos
  • average time to fund a school = 18 months
  • average time to build a school = 6 months
  • number of children benefiting from SKL schools = more than 640

Most of the facilities built :

  • have dual usage functioning as learning places and community centers
  • are fully furnished, with sanitary washrooms, deep well water supply and electricity
  • incorporate ecological considerations to minimize environmental impact (e.g. repurposing materials, tree planting)
  • include a structure management plan emphasizing post-construction maintenance

Thanks to all our amazing donors who contributed to Na Chantai school. You have taken us to the top in this fundraising campaign, donating an amazing $78,000! As always, 100% of donations go to the construction of the school and furnishings.

Thank you for your support