Lycée de Vientiane 1978 Alumni

As young men in Laos, Ken Phanlouvong (SKL founder and current Vice-President) and four close friends, attended the same school, Lycée de Vientiane. After graduating, they split up, settling in different parts of the world. Life would bring them back together many years later.

Lycée de Vientiane 1978 Alumni - SKL Founders and Donors


The friends met on November 5th, 2007 and locked themselves in a Toronto hotel. Their goal was to create an organization to raise funds to build schools for children who lack basic learning facilities in poor rural regions of Laos.  They had four days.

At the end of the third day, School for Kids in Laos was born and subsequently incorporated in Manitoba on November 29, 2007.

These creative, caring citizens who founded School for Kids in Laos are:

Inpone Luangaphay,  Surrey, BC, Canada
Thaviseuth Phouthavong, London, United Kingdom
Khamsy Syluangkhot, San José, California, USA
Sensoury Mounivong, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Now SKL has receives support, not only from the founders, but also from other Lycée de Vientiane’78 alumni members from Canada, USA, Australia, UK, France, Germany and Laos.