SKL's 10th Anniversary - Celebrating A Decade of Helping Disadvantaged Children in Rural Laos


In 2007, a small group of people looking to make a lasting difference formed a unique charity called "School for Kids in Laos". Most were expatriates wanting to create a brighter future for disadvantaged children in Laos...

Celebrating A Decade of Helping Disadvantaged Children in Rural Laos

The mission of this new charity was simple: to build schools in poor, rural areas of Laos. The group worked hard, gained status as a registered Canadian charity and never looked back. The charity was started by volunteers and to this day, is run by volunteers, donating their time and talent to ensure schools get built. Donors know that every dollar they give goes directly to building a school.

The first school was completed in 2008 and on December 15, 2016, SKL's sixth school was officially opened. SKL's success is based on the strong support of individuals, foundations and businesses around the world. Donations come from the USA and the UK, Australia, Beijing, Singapore, and across Canada.

SKL School Facts

  • schools are located in 4 different provinces and one capital municipality in Laos
  • average time to fund a school = 18 months
  • average time to build a school = 6 months
  • number of children benefiting from SKL schools = more than 640

Most of the facilities built :

  • have dual usage functioning as learning places and community centers
  • are fully furnished, with sanitary washrooms, deep well water supply and electricity
  • incorporate ecological considerations to minimize environmental impact (e.g. repurposing materials, tree planting)
  • include a structure management plan emphasizing post-construction maintenance

Thanks to all our amazing donors who contributed to Na Chantai school. You have taken us to the top in this fundraising campaign, donating an amazing $78,000! As always, 100% of donations go to the construction of the school and furnishings.

Thank you for your support