The Achievement of the Ban Pakxoun Primary School Funding Goal


SKL Inc. gratefully acknowledges the generous support of its many contributors, partners, and collaborators including those named below for their contributions and sponsoring of components of the new Ban Pakxoun primary school project.

We have reached our goal of $45,000 for the Ban Pakxoun Primary School construction project.

The Philanthropic Foundation of Washington D.C.
BondPR Worldwide of San Francisco
Give a Hand/Monde par la main organization of Montréal
Manitoba Council for International Cooperation of Manitoba
The Friends of SKL Group of Winnipeg
Goy and Lillian Sengmany
Simone LeGal and Doris Lemoine
Phommarath Family
John and Manivone Pearse
Thep Thavonsouk

Thank you!