Wasabi Group Families and Friends Pledge to Build a School

In 2015, Cho Venevongsa of the Wasabi Group discovered SKL as he searched for a way to help children in Laos, his mother's home country. SKL's mandate matched perfectly with his aspirations.

Wasabi/SKL Partnership Takes Off!


With his family members, friends and business associates, Cho hosted a very successful golf tournament in 2016 with all proceeds coming to SKL. The event opened up a whole new world for Cho's circle of friends and resulted in several significant donations for SKL. Fully embracing SKL and the work done in Laos, the group committed to holding another golf tournament in 2017 with proceeds coming to SKL.

In an unprecedented and truly philanthropic gesture, Cho pledged to raise $75,000 to fund an entire school in Laos! This amazing contribution means, with hard work and strong support from our long-time, loyal donors, SKL can build a second school in 2018!

Opening two schools in one year is a challenging commitment but a worthy goal to celebrate the 10th Anniversary! Stay tuned for more details about the communities selected for schools in 2018!