Wasabi Group Friends & Families Support Kids in Laos

A year ago, Cho Venevongsa, his daughter Claudia, John Loewen and his daughter Lia, and Roger Wilkinson met with SKL to discuss a possible collaboration to help children in Laos. Little did we know how passionately they would embrace our mission to build schools in poor, rural areas of Laos.

In a matter of months - and with a great deal of hard work - they organized a full-scale golf tournament to benefit SKL. Held at Bridges Golf Course in Starbuck, the tournament was an unqualified success which resulted in significant donations to the Na Chantai School project.

We are so very grateful to this amazing group of people who care enough to take on an event like this. to benefit children in Laos. It involved months of planning and organizing, recruiting sponsors and golfers, making sure everything was absolutely perfect for the day! The children of Na Chantai will benefit greatly for years because of your caring. Thank you for your donation and thank you for your friendship.