SKL in Laos 2015


Dear supporters,

Time flies ... Before we knew it, it’s almost time to attend the school inauguration for Viengkham Lower Secondary School. We started our donation drive to build this school two years ago. In these 2 years, you helped us achieve our milestone of the fifth school built under SKL Inc., and our first secondary school that we rebuilt! We cannot express how grateful we are, for you to trust us with your continued support and generous donations, out of the so many charity causes out there. Thank you again.

The inauguration which will be held on December 18, 2015, will be marked by the attendance of donors and supporters from Manitoba, Ontario, United States, Singapore, United Kingdom, Australia and Laos. We think you will agree with us that this is truly a worldwide effort that came together to help School for Kids in Laos Inc. achieve its mission to provide children with an adequate learning environment by rebuilding dilapidated schools in Laos.

We invite you to follow us on our travel blog for this special occasion on our website.