Build a school. Building the future.



A bit about us...

SKL Inc. was created in 2007, at the initiative of a group of ex-patriot Laotians. It is a Canadian registered charity ( 830245411 RR0001 ). While its central committee is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the organization has active supporters and committees across Canada and the world. All of SKL’s members are volunteers, meaning that every penny contributed to our endeavours goes directly towards our mission: that of building schools for children in rural regions of Laos who are in critical need of an adequate learning environment.

Funding for schools built by SKL Inc. comes from individual donations, and diverse initiatives such as garage sales, concerts and annual fundraising dinners. The villages selected for these projects were chosen according to these criteria:

  • Prior existence in dilapidated state
  • Presence of local full-time teachers
  • Responsible governance
  • Potential for growth
  • Rural regions and in a dilapidated state

With your assistance, SKL provides children with an adequate learning environment by rebuilding dilapidated schools.

Since we are all volunteers and commit any available free time we have to this endeavour, 100% of all funds go toward the construction of these schools - every cent counts!

Volunteer Board Members
François Tremblay - President
Thongsay Phanlouvong - Vice-President
Goy Sengmany - Treasurer
Linda Lindsay - Communications
Setha Phanlouvong - Counselor
Jacqueline Markstrom - Counselor
Jeannette Martin - Counselor
Danielle Parent - Counselor
Olé Sonethavilay - Technician
Bounlay Chanthavong - Counselor
Liliane Lavack - Counselor

Viengphoukhan Soutannouvong - Counselor and contact in Laos

Honorary Board Members
Ari Phanlouvong
Gisèle Ayotte


About Laos

Laos is a landlocked, developing country in the heart of South East Asia. It is bordered by Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma and China. The country has a relatively small population of 6.5 million made up of several ethnic minority groups. Laos is also the most heavily bombed country in the world. To this day, rural and remote villages are living with the fallout of the 1960′s Vietnam War.


Though not wealthy economically, Laos is abundantly rich in culture and traditions. Its people are very friendly and hospitable. But the population is relatively young and this puts a heavy burden on schooling. Because resources are limited, most schools are poorly constructed - usually of bamboo and thatch which deteriorates fairly quickly. Students often endure the rigours of the rainy season with barely a roof over their heads - not the most encouraging environment for learning!

SKL exists to provide safe, comfortable schools for children in poor rural areas of Laos. Low levels of literacy, and education in general, can impede the economic development of a country in our current, rapidly changing, technology-driven world.

Your donations will help us make a positive difference in the lives of thousands of Lao children and in the future of their country.