Completed in December 2016


5-classroom school - fully furnished, electrical supply, school supplies, sporting supplies

Total Cost: $75,000 CDN

SKL scouted three locations and found Ban Na Chantai met required criteria. The village is located in the southern province of Savannakhet, an eight-hour drive south of Vientiane which meant increased costs to build the school. There were 110 students in the school with three teachers. However, authorities agreed to hire at least two more teachers for the new 5-classroom school. The existing building had dirt floors, and huge holes in the walls, exposing students to the elements.


The school at Ban Na Chantai was officially opened on December 15, 2016. The children and village officials were ready and waiting to greet the SKL contingent. Many thanks were shared and friendships renewed with people travelling from as far away as England, Canada, USA and Australia.

SKL Volunteers on Location: Ken and Sengkeo Phanlouvong, Setha Phanlouvong, Lili Lavack, Francois Tremblay, Jackie Markstrom, Victoria Markstrom, Colin Epp


Na Chantai Primary School