Construction starting soon. Scheduled to by completed by December 2018.

A Wasabi Group Project - This project will be entirely funded and sponsored by The Wasabi Group


To Be Provided: 5-classroom school - fully furnished, electrical supply, school supplies, sporting supplies

Total Cost: $57,000 CDN

Some facts about Na Yè

Population: 550
Households: 102
Students: 138
Grades: 1 – 5 (Combined 4 and 5)
Teachers: 4 (2 salaried and 2 interned)

In an unprecedented gesture of generosity, the Wasabi Group, friends and families In Winnipeg, Manitoba committed to building an entire school in rural Laos. Their inaugural charity golf tournament in 2016 was an outstanding success, raising $25,000 and launching an amazing fundraising initiative to fund the construction of a new school in Na Ye. This is the 7th school built by School for Kids in Laos.

To accommodate a larger school building, the grounds were expanded and properly leveled. The villagers assisted in preparing the site and also in digging the foundation of the school. In addition, they supplied necessary lumber for general construction needs and furniture fabrication. SKL will pipe water in from natural sources in the nearby mountains.