Completed in December 2010


3-classroom school - fully furnished, washrooms, clean water supply, school supplies, student uniforms, sporting supplies

Total cost: $35,000 CAD

Ban Non Somboun (BNS) Elementary School is located 43 km east of Vientiane in BNS, Pak Ngeum District, Vientiane.

Revisited in 2011: In good shape.

It is a poor, but growing village consisting of 94 families, 479 inhabitants who are, for the most part, subsistence farmers. In 2009 when SKL visited to site to determine its eligibility for a new building, they found the existing school structure in a dilapidated condition with a dirt floor, broken bamboo and twisted corrugated metal walls, and broken furniture. The ramshackle structure accommodated 64 school children from grades 1 to 3.


SKL utilized the same blueprint as Thachampa school since both villages were similar in population size. The 3-classroom school, with two fully equipped washrooms and automatic air pressure deep water pump, was officially inaugurated on December 16, 2010. The SKL team was taken aback by the scale of the inauguration ceremony organized by the village. SKL also presented 60 sets of school uniforms, 2 soccer balls and one battery operated school clock to the school representatives.

SKL Volunteers on Location: Ken & Sengkeo Phanlouvong, Setha Phanlouvong, Ari Phanlouvong, Francois Tremblay, Ole Camsone, Cedric Jounot

Some photos of the old and new schools

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