Completed December 2008


3-classroom school - fully furnished, school supplies, student uniforms, sporting supplies

Total cost: $30,000 CAD


SKL's first school building project was Thachampa primary school which is situated in Saythani district, 46 km northeast of Vientiane. Thachampa, the least developed of all 104 villages in the Saythani district, is a farming community consisting of 90 families who live off their harvests and livestock. In 2007, its existing school was in very poor condition. SKL built a new fully, furnished school with a much improved learning environment for the children.


Revisited in 2010, 2011: Needed minor cosmetic repairs. 
2017 Update: School population of 65 students (Gr.1 - 3); village population perceived to be growing; school is structurally in good shape.


SKL Volunteers on Location: Ken & Sengkeo Phanlouvong, Setha Phanlouvong, Ari Phanlouvong, Francois Tremblay, Cedric Jounot


School Blueprints