December 13, 2018 – Thursday

Weather: 24 Celsius cloudy.

It was a busy and very efficient day. Ken made a series of important phone calls this morning.

Now we know the two Inauguration’s dates:

Tuesday, December 18 – Kangxé School

Monday, December 24 – Na Yè School.

With the assistance of the Phanlouvong family, we went shopping. We bought all the sport and school items necessary. Some will go to Pakxoun, a previous school, thanks to Rainemakers, Debra Raine from San Francisco. Some will go to Kangxé, thanks mostly to Phouvong Jewelry, and also to Chantai Taillefer, her nephew Tom and nieces Kim and Krista. And some will be given to the Na Yè students, thanks to the Wasabi group.

Sport Items refer to: soccer balls and net, volleyballs and net, badminton sets, jumping ropes and kator balls.

School items refer to: notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, sharpeners.

We already have blackboard erasers, thanks to the St. Boniface University.
Then we purchased a wooden cabinet where all the sport items will be safely put, for the Na Yè school.

We left all we bought at Ken’s brother house, before going back to the hotel and get a delicious Lao soup at a small restaurant near by the hotel.

Around 2:30 pm, following a recommendation of Phouvong, Ken’s friend, we met Phaylam Oudomkham and his team, director of the Lao Overseas Affairs Department (Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Ken made a SKL presentation, showing them the website on our computer. We had the Kangxé and Na Yè plaques with us, and certificates to show them. They appreciated our visit and congratulated the SKL team for all the good work done through the years. M. Oudomkham will inform his minister about SKL and will do whatever they can to facilitate our work on future projects.