December 15, 2018 – Saturday

Weather: 29 Celsius – Sunny and very warm

This morning, around breakfast time, at the hotel, we started to revise the itinerary. We always have to be flexible and adapt to improvised opportunities and meetings, like today.

We finished to prepare the scholar and sport kits for the different schools. We added: blackboard erasers, frisbees, pencils. We also sent emails to Tim Edwards, John Loewen and to our friends Thep & Charles.

Then Saymongkhoun invited us to meet a former lycéen, student friend of Ken, Vanhleng. He was organizing a Baci celebrating the convalescence of his wife from an operation. Families and friends were reunited, playing, talking and mostly eating: delectable Lao soup, fondue with fresh beef, fresh fruits from the garden, wine from the daughter’s shop. It was another great occasion to promote SKL among acquaintances, and to discuss the great economic potential of Laos (bamboo, trees, fruits, etc.).

Back to the hotel, we worked on the blog. Ken went to the store to pick up the banners.

Tonight we were invited to a special event: