December 17, 2018 - Monday

Weather: 26 Celsius - Sunny and windy

Early this morning, to travel light, we left some bags at the reception of the hotel. At 7 am, Phouvong, his charming wife and his team were at the Douang Deuane hotel. We were all aboard ready for a special trip – destination Savannakhet. Some segments of the long road were damaged, so the driver had to be very careful. Very bumpy road. We made a few stops, one for a quick dinner. We had a nice tasty soup. 

Around noon, we decided to go to Nong Chung, very close by. Nong Chung is the village - school for which we are fundraising money right now. The site of the actual delapidated school is wide and perfect for a new school. Shy and curious children were smiling at us. We met the chief of the village. He showed us an official document signed. We told him, we were getting close to our goal. Only $ 9,000 is missing. We are confident to find the money in the next few months, counting on the generosity of everyone.

We finally arrived to Sisomphone Guest House at Savannakhet at 4:30 pm. We checked our rooms. Then we prepared some banners for tomorrow – the big day – the inauguration of Kangxé School. At 6 pm, we went for a relaxing supper to a little local eating place. Back to the hotel, we worked on the blog.