Nong Chung Primary School

New 9th school project

Construction is now underway!

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Some facts about Nong Chung

To Be Provided: 5-classroom school - fully furnished, electrical supply, washrooms, deep water well, school supplies, sporting supplies

Total Cost: $55,000 CDN

Nong Chung School – Hinboun district, Khammouane province
Grades: 1-5 (combined 4 & 5)
Students: 93
Teachers: 4 (3 salaried and 1 interned)
Population: 438
Households: 72

SKL addresses the immediate need of replacing dilapidated schools. Education is the long-term driver in reducing poverty. The existing school in Ban Nong Chung houses 93 students from grades 1 to 5. It is too small to accommodate all the school-age children in the village and enrolment increases each year. There is no electricity, washrooms or running water. Currently, grades 4 and 5 are taught in one combined class.

Our goal is to provide teachers and students with appropriate shelter from unfavorable weather conditions year-round, allowing for a conducive learning environment. This project provides a more permanent presence of hope in their community. To achieve this goal, we will build a school large enough to accommodate Grades 1-5 in individual classrooms. Not only will the project protect the children and teachers from the elements, but also it will give them sanitary washrooms, running water (installation of a deep well water pump), and electricity.

SKL will replace the dilapidated school with a new one on the same site. No clear-cutting occurs as no new land is required. Environmentally, no new resources (other than construction material) will be added or removed from the ecosystem. SKL requires the contractor to use construction materials locally produced in Laos whenever possible. It is also mandatory for contractors to follow SKL’s 3-Rs charter principle: re-use, reduce and recycle. The old school is dismantled and materials are recycled. Upon completion, the environment is safer and cleaner than originally. SKL also contributes to the revival of the surrounding grounds by planting trees around the school property.


Construction is now underway!