December 13

Who said bumpy?

Today we left Paksé heading towards Savannakhet. But first we had a delicious buffet breakfast with more choices than most restaurants.

Toui met us around 8am and we headed off in search of another potential school site.  A Laotian businessman, Mr. Kia, had been in touch with Ken to see if we could help to finish a school.  We met up with him around noon, not far from Savannakhet.  An hour drive over very bumpy roads and about 10 bridges most of which didn't look like they would hold our weight we made it to our destination. 

A lunch of baguettes with all the fixings was laid out for us.  Ken's school friend Thaviseuth also joined us.  We listened to the request made by Mr. Kia, and by the chief of the district as well as several other local representants.  Then we went to see the school. It needs another classroom and more furniture. 

Toui had left us to go to Na Chantai. We piled into Thaviseuth’s car to find more schools in the district.  More bumpy roads later and many schools all of which were fairly new and not needing SKL help.  With that it was time to head to the city. 

With Setha and Lili sitting in the front, Ken, Francois and Jackie in the back with the video camera, a dozen soccer balls and a couple of bags it was a tight squeeze over very bumpy roads!

We arrived at the Avalon hotel around 6:30 pm. We ate around 7:30 pm at the Aura restaurant. Then we prepared some bags with school and sport items for each grade. They will be given at the inauguration of the Na Chantai school.