December 14

Today we slept in a little more and set off for ban Na Chantai at 9.30 am. After the bumpy roads of the past few days today was a breeze.  We found the school to be perfect. A job well done by Toui and his team! 

We took photos of the children at school. They were shy at first but warmed to us.  It was a great day planning the festivities for tomorrow with the deputy of district education officer and the village elders. 

Later on, back to Savannakhet, we were invited by Thaviseuth’s family for dinner.  And what a dinner!  Bamboo soup, laap, Mekong fried fish, pork roast, and more.  Feasting with food and memories shared a fitting eve of the school opening.

Tomorrow after an early start, we will have a day full of celebration. Another successful school thanks to SKL.