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School for Kids in Laos

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Construction of Nong Chung Primary School is underway


Our current project is to build

Project # 9: Nong Chung Primary School
(now under construction)

Project # 10: To Be Announced Soon

Our fundraising goal is


We have currently raised





Our schools

Together we can give the children of Laos a brighter future

Tha Champa

Completed 2008


Completed 2013


Completed 2018

Non Somboun

Completed 2010


Completed 2015

Non Chung

In progress


Completed 2012

Na Chantai

Completed 2016

Na Yè

Completed 2018

our contributors

We are grateful to the businesses, foundations, and organizations that support SKL through financial contributions, fundraising events and sponsorships.

  • CP Loewen Family Foundation

  • Manitoba Council for International Cooperation (MCIC)

  • McAdam Foundation

  • Phouvong Jewelry

  • The Hastings Family

  • The Philanthropic Foundation, Washington D.C.

  • Singapore Millennium Volunteer Group

  • Wasabi Group -


Bring hope and joy to children in need.

Two dollars from every Vidday purchase goes towards SKL.

The money donated from Vidday will be used to purchase essential materials that students need in order to learn and succeed. These school kits are delivered to students at one of SKL’s school building projects.

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When we were looking to make a difference in Laos, our research quickly identified the work that SKL was doing. A closer look at SKL revealed an organization that is responsible, accountable, efficient and remarkably effective. Knowing how SKL is structured and how they work to achieve the goals of improving the lives of children in Laos, we've developed unquestionable trust in SKL's team and confidence that the work we're investing in does indeed translate into a meaningful improvement in the lives of Kids in Laos.

John Loewen, CP Loewen Family Foundation


how you can help

Imagine doing something that affects a life a world away! Helping to change the lives of children in many ways. There are lots of ways you can make a difference. You can make a difference to the life of a disadvantaged child even with a small step. Here are some ideas to help you get started.



Take action - give what you can. Every gift will make a difference to these children.

Transform a Community

Build a classroom, provide electricity, buy school supplies. Give these children what they need to build a brighter future.


Attend a Unique Event

Rally your friends, family and co-workers to support the annual fundraising dinner. Enjoy authentic Laotian cuisine and help build a school.

Hold a Fundraising Event

You've got a passion to help these children - have a garage sale, bake sale, collect spare change - then donate the proceeds to SKL.



Donate your time and energy to help give these children the best possible start to a better life! In your own local city, volunteer to raise funds for the current project.

Celebrate with Added Benefits

Celebrate your special occasion (graduation, birthday, anniversary) by requesting donations to SKL instead of gifts!


who we are

100% of all donations go toward the construction of schools. 

School for Kids in Laos is a non-profit, registered charity, and humanitarian organization with one simple mission: building schools for children in rural regions of Laos who are in critical need of an adequate learning environment. Canadian registered charity 830245411 RR0001.

how to reach us


School for Kids in Laos Inc.
245 Thomas Berry St.
Winnipeg, MB, R2H 0R2, Canada

why we do it